Scales Of War

Episode 5

Fought various hoboblins, spitting drakes, a cloaked goblin and an armored foe who was extremely difficult to take down. This foe had the advantage as a fog rolled in on us not once, but twice during our battle.

Came upon a burial room marked Von Adrez-Haufin with 3 caskets. The third casket we searched held 2 healing potions and 2 gems worth 100 gold each. We also had rescued another citizen from the town, a girl named Jalissa.

The room where we fought the armormed foe had 7 mennirs that radiated cold. Falor led Jalissa thru the room into the next hallway for safety during our battle, but while in the hallway Falor had his own battle with a cloaked figure. Elias later recovered the cloaked foe’s rod.

During our search of the armored foe we came across two of the town’s artifacts. The gauntlets and helm. We also fouund another healing potion and gold equaling 240 which we put together in his pouch.


Kilgar64 Adara

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