Scales Of War

Episode 6

Met and defeated 2 ghouls and 2 zombies. Baelin died in battle but was revived by Falor. Shouldn’t have Adara tried reaching out to Dol Dorn. Not sure why she didn’t even try.

Came across a black starburst symbol traveled down some stairs and came across a glowing pool that played various rooms in the crypts down to the smallest details.

Entered a room that had 8 pillars, alcoves with skeletal remains and a boy tied-up to a fountain. The boy was Thurmond. Also found 260 gold pieces in the various remains.

Last room we entered was a throne room and a horrific battle took place. We bravely fought 2 bone shard skeletons, a deathlok wight and 5 decripit skeletons. The treasures we uncovered were 290 gold and 100 silver pieces. Also a Gloaming Shroud Cloak +1. <arcanic>

The walls were also covered with bas relief carvings.


Kilgar64 Adara

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