Scales Of War

Episode 6

Met and defeated 2 ghouls and 2 zombies. Baelin died in battle but was revived by Falor. Shouldn’t have Adara tried reaching out to Dol Dorn. Not sure why she didn’t even try.

Came across a black starburst symbol traveled down some stairs and came across a glowing pool that played various rooms in the crypts down to the smallest details.

Entered a room that had 8 pillars, alcoves with skeletal remains and a boy tied-up to a fountain. The boy was Thurmond. Also found 260 gold pieces in the various remains.

Last room we entered was a throne room and a horrific battle took place. We bravely fought 2 bone shard skeletons, a deathlok wight and 5 decripit skeletons. The treasures we uncovered were 290 gold and 100 silver pieces. Also a Gloaming Shroud Cloak +1. <arcanic>

The walls were also covered with bas relief carvings.

Episode 5

Fought various hoboblins, spitting drakes, a cloaked goblin and an armored foe who was extremely difficult to take down. This foe had the advantage as a fog rolled in on us not once, but twice during our battle.

Came upon a burial room marked Von Adrez-Haufin with 3 caskets. The third casket we searched held 2 healing potions and 2 gems worth 100 gold each. We also had rescued another citizen from the town, a girl named Jalissa.

The room where we fought the armormed foe had 7 mennirs that radiated cold. Falor led Jalissa thru the room into the next hallway for safety during our battle, but while in the hallway Falor had his own battle with a cloaked figure. Elias later recovered the cloaked foe’s rod.

During our search of the armored foe we came across two of the town’s artifacts. The gauntlets and helm. We also fouund another healing potion and gold equaling 240 which we put together in his pouch.

Episode III

During resting in the jail cells, Saphire identified the necklace <necklace> Elias put in his wish to wear the necklace. Adara then lifted up the body of Kartenaux and carried him thru the majority of the crypts.

Elias leading the party thru the crypt spotted a woman bound to an altar. Mentioning this to Adara may have been a mistake as Adara rushed into the room following putting the body to the ground gently. Alexandra has made a last-ditch effort to grab hold of Adara but missed. Adara made a beeline for the poor woman, but the trio of rats and a pair of bow-wielding gnomes put a halt to that rescue at least for the time being.

Following the battle where the group worked well together, Elias attempted to calm the woman and let her know that we were her friends and there to rescue her. As the party and two townspeople began the return trip to their town, it became apparent that the woman <who> and Adara both had contracted filth fever from being bit by the dirty rats. It took the party two days to return to town and upon arrival found their way to the Shrine of the Sun, who Pelor was the deity of this particular church. The priests cast Cure Disease on both women and the group spent the days there recovering and doing some shopping, with Elias acting as the group’s spokesperson.

Lastly, Adara entered into a pact with the church of Pelor and recieved a periapt of health but nmust return it upon completion of their tasks. also Adara and Falor traded the viper belt and the bracers of subtle defense.

OOC: Oh and everyone leveled up following the conclusion.

Episode Two

We found ourselves in a dusty, mildewy room, laced with a tint like a burning campfire from the dead magna claws. Following one hallway that led down some stairs, we found two prisoners. The one that was alive was named Sertanian. He knew the name of the dead man to be Cartinex. Adara took the body of Cartinex and vowed to carry it back to town.

Going up some stairs, we encountered a trio of Ettercaps, mansized, spider-like creatures. A grueling battle ensued. With most of the party down, the last monster was finally killed by Falor, Saphire and Baelen. Luckily, all the fallen party members were able to be healed, thanks be to Doldorn.

After the battle, we found a silken bag with 100 gold coins and what turned out to be a Viper Belt, granting the wearer protection from poisoning (2) and, if poisoned, provides a resistance to its effects (5). Offered to Adara, our leader in battle, she chose to give it to Falor.

Going up some more stairs brought us to a room filled with hobgoblins and spitting drakes. We decided to withdraw, but not before Falor took a direct shot in the face, scarring him for life. Descending down some other stairs, we ran across a lone drake with one hobgoblin. Our party made short work of the drake and then reinforcements showed up. We sent them running back to their masters and then went down a spiral staircase. In this room were 4 coffins. Searching the coffins, we discovered a pair of Arcanist glasses (+3 to Arcane checks). We then decided to return to the jail cells as we needed rest and that was the easiest room we had found to defend against attack.

During our searching, we also found a necklace of questionable power that neither Saphire nor Elias could identify. There was also a pair of Bracelets of Subtle Defense that gives a bonus to those trained to conceal their movements (+2 to stealth checks)(concealment from enemies until you attack).


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